What I Do

My professional background is varied but has always included music, teaching and creative pursuits, requiring  skill and relying heavily on intuition to effectively perform, share and engage others. Although I’m proficient at reading and writing music, I also play and sing by ear, or intuitively, without reading music. The same applies to instinctively teaching according to how each person learns using guided imagery, or tapping into the passion of a student or client to inspire her/him to begin to understand and access their often hidden potential.

I didn’t recognize at first that these abilities would so easily translate to energetic, remote healing until I opened myself to the wisdom and mysteries of the universal field. I also began to understand that because my intuition was already highly developed as a musician, simply going to the same place in my mind that gave me musical inspiration or creative writing ideas would produce healing results for many people who weren’t getting answers from conventional medicine. My only challenge was to learn the language or‘knowing’  when it occurred. I chose to work in the area of mind-body and energy modalities because I believe these embody the most effective, dynamic and doable ways to heal for people and animals. Allopathic medicine is excellent for physical trauma, but energy healing can remove emotional traumas, big and small, that are trapped in the energy field of the body and underlie disease in general.



In a world of ‘see it to believe it’, the concept of energy healing, especially remote energy healing, is sometimes difficult to wrap our heads around. How can I as a practitioner, access your energy over the telephone or without even talking to you at all? It starts with quantum physics.

Nine systems comprise the human body including Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Muscular, Nervous, Reproductive, Respiratory, Skeletal, and Urinary. Let’s break it down from there into tissues and organs, then cells, molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles which include protons, electrons and neutrons. What are these particles made of? Energy. We are, as is the universe, made of energy which transcends the physical world that we can see and touch. Our thought energy creates our reality. We also create each day and how we function within it. If you don’t believe that sunshine can heal you, then no amount of sunshine ever will.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, a Chiropractor with many years in practice, has tapped into what shamanic healers have known for millennia, that the subconscious mind knows what’s wrong with the body as well as how to heal itself.  Your subconscious busily collects and retains enormous amounts of information every nanosecond of every day, storing it much as a computer saves data. As Dr. Bradley learned the power of releasing trapped emotions, or stuck balls of energy, in his patients that often cause many physical and mental diseases, he began to organize his discoveries into the Emotion Code. Dr.Bradley then developed computer software with 260 digital pages of maps of the human body and body systems called The Body Code. These methods can be used to identify imbalances within the body by asking simple “yes” and “no” questions.

How does the practitioner get the answer?

With your permission, I connect with your energy. Once the connection is made, I become your proxy, a physical facilitator for your body’s wisdom in receiving the answers via muscle testing or a pendulum much the same way that a lie detector works. A “yes” answer results in a strong tensing of the muscles, while a “no” is less strong. act as a detective in asking the best questions in order to receive the energetic answers that will lead to relief for you, the client. It’s a dance between the practitioner and the person who is experiencing physical and mental challenges in their life that can bring about profound changes in the way that person feels and functions.



The Food & Spirit Practitioner Program developed by functional nutritionist and author, Dr. Deanna Minich, is an integrated science-based and personal growth-focused approach to health. I first identify imbalances within your 7 energy aspects or chakras. These imbalances point the way to the corresponding body systems that can then be balanced with specific foods, tools to change unhelpful ways you think about yourself and the world around you, as well as ways to nourish your spirit. It’s a mind-body approach to the healing process.

Forms are provided which can be completed online to assist you in working within the framework of your daily life. Knowing you need  to make changes and knowing exactly how to implement  those changes can be challenging. Your personalized action guide will be formulated with your complete agreement as to what you believe you can accomplish according to your lifestyle and time frame. I will also utilize The Emotion Code to identify imbalances and correct them.

The Food and Spirit program is a longer term, bigger picture guide for the person who needs guidance in figuring out exactly what to eat each day as well as specifics when it comes to making changes in how he/she interacts with the world to relieve stress, and changing thought patterns that keep a person going down the same destructive paths over and over. The cycle must not only be recognized, but broken and a new path created in order to become well.



Our furry companions have their own health challenges as well as picking up our disease and trauma energy. They are here as guides and unconditional loving beings, but in those roles are very attuned to how we’re feeling and the tone of our words. They feel every bit of our anger, guilt, sadness, fear, anxiety and paranoia as well as our joy, love, peace, gratitude, and compassion toward others. When they are anxious, it’s usually because they’ve picked up anxiety in yours or a previous home. So instead of needing drugs or what could be a hurtful method of restraining, they simply need to be grounded and perhaps have trapped emotions removed from their energy field. A little adjustment in their guardian’s behavior also goes a long way to heal animals.

Animals will speak to me of their fears or pain just as humans do, and I use many of the same methods to help them as I use for their human guardians. Food is always first, though. Without good food, they cannot thrive as they should. Think of them as babies and always give them the best food possible. They need species appropriate nutrition, but dogs, for instance, love veggies. It helps their coats to shine and keeps them at a healthy weight. Cats get most of their fluids from food, so limit dry kibble, if at all. Horses will tell their story in a powerful way and seem to be very open and grateful in accepting energy healing. Each animal is precious and life-giving to a human’s journey. We need to respect them and offer them the best we can give.


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