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directionWelcome! I’m very happy you’re here! Let me tell you a bit about myself. You may find we have something in common.

Re-group is a recurring theme in my life. It’s a reboot, a new start, a way to experience life more deeply. There was a time when instead of redecorating my home, I would just move! That’s a tad extreme, I admit. In fact, I was chasing happiness as we all do in our own way. But what I found was certainly not contentment or peace, but a different set of problems or challenges to work through to re-settle myself each time I landed from the last flight.

The reasons for such drastic change were many, but failing health was a driver together with a combination of emotional and physical stress and trauma. We all have those life situations which block our healing energy and create disease in our body to one degree or another, but one person’s dip in the road is another person’s break in the pavement. When my own road became impassable, I began to search for answers, or remedies which would add to my life instead of making me a slave to a certain way of eating or a long list of supplements. Nourishing, quality food and targeted supplements are important, but will only create lasting, positive change if you feed your spirit as well. I began to understand that clearing trapped emotional blocks from obvious, and not so obvious trauma was the key to allow food to do it’s work to nourish my physical body. As I healed, my spirit was repaired so that I was no longer the easy target for viruses and bacteria to thrive to create pain and disease symptoms. I began to see that the toxins we are surrounded by in our environment couldn’t wreak havoc in the same way as before. And I learned that my life path was to assist other humans and our animal companions to heal as well.

It is my hope that the stories and articles I share here will help you persevere and find your own answers to ill health or unhappy circumstances. You’ll find a chuckle or two when you need it, and just maybe remember how to get unstuck when you’re up to your eyeballs in the mud of life!FS_chakra2C1-300x236


Buddy & Luke

Buddy & Luke


Sherry King (aka Sherri King) is a musician, singer/songwriter, composer, teacher, writer, intuitive energy healing practitioner, serious health seeker, Wellness/Life Counselor, and Mom. She is certified in Food & Spirit™, Emotion Code, and Animal Energy Communication. Sherry was born and raised in East Tennessee (and proud of it!) but presently lives quietly in Indiana with her best friend and his Mom, and two dogs who LOVE fresh veggies!