Walkin’ the Talk

askholeYA-da yada yada yada…everybody talks, talks, talks…constantly…griping about the topic of the day, rarely genuinely listening to another person’s point of view and rattling their brain until it explodes about how unfair life is, or that the elections are rigged, or the weather’s changing, or they’re getting sicker and sicker as though disease simply falls out of the sky and lands on them. I’m getting worn out with just moving my lips, but I’m especially exasperated watching other yayhoos move theirs. Talk is not only cheap, it can be extremely annoying. grrrrrrr…

To continue this little rant, we 21st century humans tend to believe and trust way too much in our media, and social media in particular. Many folks get their news from Facebook alone believing that any juicy story must be fact. And it often does become fact in our collective consciousness because of the sheer repetition through post sharing and endless cable news. This is not to say that credible information and articles don’t exist, but both network and cable news often ignore messaging that clashes with the big money connected to the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies or anything to do with GMO’s. So the key to increasing your ‘smarts’ quotient is to plug into well established online sources of information where you can use your time wisely to inform yourself. Mercola.com was established in 1997 and is a rich source of very thorough articles on a variety of health subjects. Green Med Info has powerful researched-based content that is on the edge of cutting-edge. If you’re a bit of an inside story warrior, check out Natural News.

Words have tremendous power to heal, elevate or devastate. Words bring knowledge, and knowledge brings with it responsibility. One of my lifelong guiding principles is: I do not want to know how to fix a toilet. It just takes up brain power better used elsewhere. Well that’s silly. Truth is, if I learned how to repair any of those thingamabobs in the tank, I would then have to ‘own’ that knowledge and feel forever guilty for spending needless money on a plumber to fix a problem that I can repair myself. ‘Repair myself’ is an operative phrase for later use. Unfortunately, this weighty burden of knowledge transfers easily to all kinds of other stuff as well.

Have you ever wondered why a cheap hamburger is cheap? Google factory farms. You will search for grass-fed, pastured beef or veganism faster than you thought possible. Ever consider why people in the know eat organic produce? Read about why conventionally grown strawberries are #1 on the Dirty Dozen list at the Environmental Working Group. What about learning that eating clean fruits and veggies, and if you choose, humanely raised animals, as well as supplementing with high quality vitamins, minerals and herbs and changing how your mind perceives the world, can prevent cancer, reverse diabetes, conquer chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, heal thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease, severe anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. What if I told you there is an easy way to release blocked energy in order to accelerate and super-charge your healing? This information is a click away. Check out these folks: The Truth About Cancer, Medical Medium, Dr. Kelly Brogan and The Energy Healing Site.

I am not suggesting doing anything that I haven’t done myself. Several of those before mentioned sherry 09diseases and disorders were mine until I began arming myself with directional information and study. If you refuse to explore this information when it is offered to you, it says something about your willingness to shoulder the responsibility of knowledge. You then have to say, “I do not want to know how to be well and free of illness because it doesn’t sound like fun. I’ll have to make an effort. I really don’t have the time to learn about how to handle stress. I’ll have to give up my ice cream, Twinkies, cigarettes, alcohol, medications, griping and whining. And there will be no one to blame but myself. BINGO!

Learn the talk and walk that talk!  Here are a few tips to get you started. Instead of using your energy in useless negative chatter, spend a bit of it writing down ways to actually make a difference in your life. All of these steps are very simple and doable.  Keep a household budget, or for starters, a food budget. Not being an accounting type person, I use a simple online program, Budget Worksheets. It will set you free! Suddenly, organic food doesn’t seem so expensive when compared to the amount of money you may spend on crappy frozen food with unknown ingredients. Join Thrive Market right here on this website for excellent prices on healthy food and other products, and when you purchase a membership, one is donated to a less fortunate family. A big win-win both for your pocketbook and perhaps expanding your sense of abundance in giving back. Ferret out the hidden costs (those that you hide from yourself) of eating out, the monthly credit card interest you pay, or dollars spent on cheap “God only knows how or where they were manufactured” supplements which are mostly synthetics with fillers, and are adding toxins to your already over-burdened body.  Oh geez. I forgot about the snazzy new outfits for your dog. (Okay…I buy those too).

Sherry 04Speaking of pets…feed them excellent food. Do your research. Don’t buy advertising copy. I was in advertising. Believe me when I say, do not buy from ads alone. If you feed your animals cheap, nutritionally inadequate food, they will get fatter and sicker. Then seemingly out of the blue, Fluffy and Brutus will become ill and old before their time, and you will start spending hundreds of dollars on vet bills, and thousands on emergency life saving care for your beloved furry companions. We are the guardians of these animals who love us unconditionally and are depending on us to properly feed them. Check out this link for preventative care for pets, and don’t forget supplements and energy healing for them as well. Holistic vet Dr. Karen Becker is a valuable and comprehensive resource for all your furry friends.

In 1980, I left the world of secular music and dipped into God music. All kinds of God music, but particularly contemporary Christian. I promptly wrote Walkin’ the Walk, a song that describes the “I have to do what?” feeling of all new born-agains. Anyhoo, here’s the chorus:

Walkin’ the walk…how far do I have to go?
Walkin’ the walk…Lord, I know You know.
I guess my walk won’t be measured by the steps I save.
I’ll be walkin’ to Zion day by day.

I was dead wrong using “won’t.” It should read, “I guess my walk will be measured by the steps I take.” Right on, right on, right on sister!

One last tidbit for a little chuckle. My brother Dale who is 5 years younger than me, learned the power of words while still in his crib. Evidently I sang before going to sleep, so he would yell, “Kwee quite Shuhshee!” (translation: Be quiet Sherry!) He gained much knowledge about his gift as he grew older, but he especially learned the power of one word in particular. It has 4 letters, starts with an ‘s’, and means poop. Dale wielded that word like a sword, honing his ability to know exactly the right time to land a blow.

My Mother was a 50’s mom who was absolutely enthralled with the convenience of frozen T.V. dinners, and diners that served what was that era’s fast food. She had scoped out a sort of circuit of these diners that we would eat at occasionally. Mother loved to laugh and talk to the people around her in these small foodie communities, and it seemed we were always choosing new favorites.

One fine day, Mother loaded me, my brothers and my sister who was a baby, into the car and headed out to dine at the Blue Circle near downtown Knoxville. We all excitedly clamored into the u-shaped booth to sample a new tasty hamburger. By the way, it was no small feat getting everyone settled in. Suddenly, 3 year old Dale stood up on the seat and wielded his word sword. “You ol’ ____!” You have never seen a young woman with 4 small children move so fast! Mother loaded us up and sped away. Not sure if we ever went back to the Blue Circle. We stayed closer to home and frequented the Tutti Frutti after that. Although little Dale went on to set a few more records for clearing a booth, his first victory was somehow his most glorious. I’m pretty sure my little bro’ continues to this day in that tradition. 🙂

Vernon Dale King

Vernon Dale King





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